Rent to Own


Rent to Own

We help the Business Owners, People with Bad Credit, or People that aren't able to come up with the 20% down for a conventional mortgage.  We look at peoples potential not their current credit score.

We know life happens to good people.   Family sickness, loss of job, or even divorce can through a wrench in anyone's financial situation.

We can even help business owners acquire a homes.  I am a business owner myself and understand the difficulties of acquiring loans.  Banks run when you show up with a loan application.   We allow you to move in and fix your income documentation, so that you have proper documentation to acquire a home when applying for the mortgage.

We also help people who are receiving a loan from family or friends, a future inheritance, or a cash gift from family.  Many do not know that there are restriction related to where money comes from even if it is a gift.  Read FAQ for additional information.

Typical Rent To Own Property

For an example the house pictured to the left went quickly, so this one is already taken, but we acquire beautiful homes frequently.

This home was 4 Bedroom / 2.5 Bath 2035 Sq.Ft. Home


Ruthann & Joe E - NJ   

JDL Property Management helped me move into the home right away.  Developed a plan to fix our credit, and build up enough funds to be able to pay the necessary down payment and closing costs.  It is truly the American Dream!  

Thank you!

Ruthann & Joe E.

What Do You Need?

  • Application 
  • Credit Application

                   - Good Credit/Bad Credit OK!  

  • Background Check - Sex Offender
  • Maximum Down Payment 
  • Maximum Monthly Payment